Buy and Sell at ISCL
Internet Based Trading

One of the popular new facilities of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) is Internet Trading Service (ITS) which is first-time in Bangladesh introduced in 2002 and formally inaugurated on 26th June 2004. The objective of this ITS is to make our Capital Market accessible to the investors easily at all the time. ISCL offers this ground breaking services to its registered members. Anyone can simply open an ITS account with ISCL and enjoy the following facilities from anywhere in the world:

  • To contact a licensed broker for opening an account
  • To watch the current market movement for selected stocks
  • To place orders
  • To receive buy or sale confirmation on-line
  • To lodge complaint to CSE for irregularities, if any

ITS is accessible through www.bangladeshstockmarket.com at all the time. ISCL provides its eligible members username and password which he/she can directly use to login to ITS and placing buying and selling orders.

How to start Internet Trading Services (ITS)

An investor or trader needs to open an account with ISCL by filling in a special ITS Account Opening Form. The Terms and Conditions to be followed by an investor are given in the ITS website. Although the registration form is available on ITS website, an investor still needs to fill in and submit a hard copy of "Special Account Opening Form for ITS" to ISCL.

ITS account opening steps

(Procedure of Internet Trading Services account opening)

Registration Confirmation: After ISCL approves registration of the investor, a registration confirmation will be sent automatically to the investor's e-mail. This confirmation e-mail contains investor's Id and password as well as scrip and money limit.

Deposit and trade limit (Scrip limit and money limit): The investors are required to have an agreement with ISCL for Safe Keeping of their securities purchased. Once the investor has the Safe keeping agreement of securities, he can deposit shares and money to ISCL. According to his deposit, ISCL will set limit of his trade. The investor may either have a Cash Account or a Margin Account. Investor can consult with ISCL Officials before he chooses. If he has CASH account, ISCL may set limit to the extent of his deposit. For MARGIN account the Margin Rules, 1999 will be applicable.

Placing order: Investor's orders placed through this system, if passes the validation test will be forwarded to the CSE Trading engine through ITS web server. In the trading engine, orders are matched on price and time priority basis. All submitted orders are limit orders i.e. minimum price for sell and maximum for buy. The investor can do trading during the trading hours of CSE as well as put off-line orders during the non-trading hours, which get added into the system in the next trading session.

For further information or assistance, please contact ISCL executive at 01926688444, 01926688445.