BO account opening
BO Account Opening

BO or Beneficiary Owner account is needed to open by an investor who wants to trade, i.e. buy and sell, shares in the Chittagong Stock Exchange. It is also needed to apply for IPO. A BO account can only be opened through a full service depository participant like ISCL.

How to open a BO account?

To open a BO account, please obtain a BO account opening booklet from one of our branches or alternatively you can download from here. Please note you will need the following documents to submit along with the BO account opening application.

  • Four copies of recent passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of your national identification such as valid passport, national ID card
  • Copy of your recent bank statement
  • Photograph of nominees attested by the account holder

For further information about BO account opening, please contact us at 01926688444, 01926688445 or you can send us your enquiry via email.